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  • Military Horse Site   If you ride a cavalry or other military horse – this is the site for you!
  • Camp Chase Gazette THE magazine for Civil War reenactors; also lists upcoming reenacting events
  • The Watchdog Quarterly Review for Reenactors – reviews of products for authenticity
  • The Civil War News Magazine – Coverage of preservation issues affecting Civil War sites; coming events, book reviews, letters, researcher’s needs, reenactment photos, news, features and columns on collecting, firearms, images and preservation PLUS hundreds of display and classified ads for everything from books, artifacts, research, recruiting and B&Bs to reenactor supplies, events, art and videos
  • Civil War Reenactors Forum A fantastic and very active e-mail forum that has operated  for years.  Now under construction is a website to accompany the forum
  • Robert Szabo’s Civil War Reenactors Homepage Website and forum for reenactors
  • American Civil War Bugler Wow! A great site dedicated to bugling – includes audio of the most common calls
  • The Rowdy Pards a member organization of the American Living History Society, is a progressive, campaign living history society.   We are committed to an accurate impression of the soldier of 1861-1865 as he actually lookedacteddrilledcamped and fought.  Our philosophy is best described by the B.I.R.D. principle  – Because Its Right, Darn it.
  • The Civil War Preservation Trust – Raises money for Battlefield Preservation
  • Georgia Volunteer Battalion   Georgia Volunteer Battalion.  The GVB is an alliance of units to which many of the units in Georgia belong.  This site includes a search engine for Civil War sites.
  • Official Records of the US & Confederate Armies  Cornell University’s scanned images of the entire Official records of the armies in the Civil War.   Graphic images only, text can be read, but not searched.  There is an index.   Published in 1884 by the US Government.
  • Official Records of the US & Confederate Navies   Cornell University’s scanned images of the entire Official records of the navies in the Civil War.  Graphic images only, text can be read, but not searched.  There is an index. Published in 1884 by the US Government.



CAVALRY Units’ Home Pages:

  • Buttermilk Rangers   The Buttermilk Rangers are a newly formed (as of spring, 2000) hardcore Confederate cavalry unit in the Trans Mississippi theatre.
  • 5th Georgia Cavalry  The 5th Georgia Cavalry Home Page is designed to be a collection point for letters, pictures, rosters, histories, records, and any information of interest on the 5th Georgia Cavalry.
  • Ghostriders Stunt Co. – frontier and Civil War reenactors – Oklahoma area.
  • 7th Indiana Cavalry; 7th Tennessee Cavalry, Company F   A dismounted company portraying union and confederate regiments in the western theatre.
  • 7th Indiana Cavalry  A comprehensive site dealing with the history and reenacting the 7th Indiana Cavalry,119th Regiment.
  • Ferguson’s Mountain Cavalry  Confederate and Unionist guerrilla warfare in the Upper Cumberland region of Kentucky and Tennessee during the War Between the States, mainly focusing on Capt. Champ Ferguson’s independent cavalry command.
  • Fifth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry  A regiment with an outstanding history, comprised of companies from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Missouri.
  • 7th Kansas Cavalry & 7th US Cavalry   7th Kansas Cavalry, 7th US Cavalry, reenacting site and unit history.
  • 1st Kentucky Cavalry & Horse Artillery   1st Kentucky Cavalry regiments of both the Confederate and United States of America, and the reenactors who portray them. It also features the 1st Kentucky’s horse-drawn artillery hitch, as well as primary source documents from the American Civil War.
  • 1st Maine Cavalry, Company A  1st Maine (aka 2nd Maine Cavalry) Portraying typical Union Cavalry since 1959. Headquartered near Baltimore, MD.
  • 7th Michigan Cavalry, Co. A   Reenactors of the American Civil War in a Northern California based reenacting organization who portrays living history of the era.
  • Newton’s 8th Arkansas Cavalry Southwest Missouri group reenacting C.S. Trans-Mississippi cavalry.
  • Ninth New York Cavalry, Company F  Site chronicling the original 9th New York Cavalry, and its modern-day reenactor unit, both located in Western New York. This historical unit took part in most major cavalry engagements during the Civil War, including Chancellorsville, Brandy Station, Gettysburg, Trevillian Station, Cedar Creek and Appomattox.
  • First North Carolina Cavalry Regiment, “Stuart’s Tarheels” The First North Carolina Cavalry Regiment is an international organization with companies located in Europe and the United States’ East and West Coast. The Regimental Headquarters is located at Follows Camp, Azusa, California and acts as a dispatch and news exchange center for all the 1st NC Companies that proudly carry the 1st NC Battle flag onto the battlefields of the world.
  • 1st South Carolina Cavalry   A memorial unit of the oldest Confederate cavalry regiment in South Carolina. Re-create and experience the life of Confederate cavalry troopers during the War for Southern independence through living history, parades, memorial services, educational programs, and battle reenactments. Ride, once again, under the Stars and Bars, with horse equipment, accouterments, weapons, and uniforms authentic to the cavalry units from South Carolina (1861 to 1865), participate with infantry and artillery units in events sponsored by the Palmetto Battalion.
  • 4th Tennessee Cavalry (US)  Includes company rosters, a personal diary of one participant, and narratives about several enlisted men.
  • 7th Tennessee Cavalry, Co. D The Seventh Tennessee Cavalry, Co. D was reactivated in 1986 with a goal to present an accurate and honorable portrayal of the Civil War cavalry from the western theater- and in particular, the Confederate cavalry troopers that served under General Nathan Bedford Forrest.
  • Buchel’s 1st Texas Cavalry Regiment, CSA   A reenactors web site on Colonel Augustus Carl Buchel’s 1st Confederate Texas Cavalry Regiment.
  • 3rd Texas Cavalry  3rd Texas Cavalry was established in 1961 and was the first to leave the state of Texas. The modern vesion of this cavalry are living historians dedicated to re-telling the story.
  • 8th Texas Cavalry CSA Co. H (Terry’s Texas Rangers(Phoenix, Arizona)  As reenactors our Company strives to accurately portray the men of Terry’s Texas Rangers. We seek to educate and remind the public of their amazing history. We participate in a wide variety of reenacting and living history events. We train and drill regularly so as to properly serve the Ranger memory.
  • 8th Texas Volunteer Cavalry Co. A (Terry’s Texas Rangers) Terry’s Texas Rangers, known in the official records as the 8th Texas Cavalry of the Confederacy in the War between the States, is one of the strongest and most active re-enacting groups in the U.S. today. Our primary goal is the accurate portrayal of the Cavalry of the 1800’s. Our main call is the Civil War followed by the Texas Revolution. Drill, Battles, Tacticals, living histories, forts, Camp Life and Comraderie.
  • Reeve’s 11th Texas Cavalry The Eleventh served west of the Mississippi River until the spring of 1862.
    Transferring east of the Mississippi, it served there for the remainder of it’s career. The Eleventh was one of the most frequently engaged of all the Texas units.  Records have been found showing that it participated in more
    than one hundred and fifty various type engagements during its long career.
  • 12th Texas Cavalry, “Parson’s Dragoons” Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are proud to be one of the few Cavalry units that consists of both mounted and dismounted members that work together as one unit on the battlefield. This gives us the opportunity to present a unique Cavalry impression that you usually won’t see at a reenactment.  It is our common goal as reenactors to educate the general public about the events and people of the Civil War. Presenting an authentic portrayal both on and off the field is our mission.
  • Terrell’s 37th Texas Cavalry  f/k/a 34th Texas  Web site of the 37th Texas and a focal point for research and documentation of Confederates of Color and foreign birth.
  • 37th Texas Cavalry, “Terrill’s Texas Cavalry”  We are a gathering of historians, professional and amateur, of many racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds who have committed ourselves to a mission of historical research and documentation of the Forgotten Confederates. Our site serves not only the 37th as a reenactment unit, but also serves as the only focal point for research and documentation of Confederates of all races, ethnic origins, and religions. Members of the 37th are hard core reenctors, educators at the secondary and college levels, professional historians, and authors.
  • 9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment  The 9th Virginia Cavalry site includes roster of the unit and history descriptions as well as horse training tips and drill.
  • 9th Virginia Cavalry, Co. B  The Ninth Virginia Cavalry, commanded by Colonel R.L.T. Beale, was one of the regiments to fight under the legendary cavalry commanders; W.H.F. “Rooney” Lee, and J.E.B. Stuart. Originally from Caroline County, The Caroline Light Dragoons, organized Dec, 12, 1859 under Captain Samuel Swann and they fought in nearly 150 engagements and were in most of the major battles of the Army of Northern Virginia through Appomattox. The re-enacted unit does a mid-war (1863) impression of the gallant southern horsemen who fought to defend their beloved state of Virginia. The equipment and uniforming reflect the results of hard camp.
  • 9th Virginia Cavalry, Co. C, “Lee’s Light Horse”  Lee’s Light Horse Cavalry is based in New York and New Jersey with a focus on events in New England and the east coast. Several times a year we travel ‘down South’ to major reenactments in Virginia and the Carolinas. Activities continue over the winter months with unit and Southern Legion drills, musters, and socials.  We are focusing on a mid to late war impression and are equipped as the original troopers were about the time of Gettysburg (1863).
  • 9th Virginia Cavalry, Inc.  a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation located on the west coast in the state of Oregon.  We portray a Confederate cavalry regiment and a civilian refugee camp as it would have looked in 1863.   We are not a “reb” unit, we do not tolerate extremists, fanatics or racism. We are truly living historians portraying a portion of American history that was pivotal in forging our nation. Our particular group is a wholesome one who encourages family involvement along with historical accuracy.  Our military members also do a Union military impression when its called for as the 2nd US Cavalry, Co. C.  
  • 11th Virginia Cavalry, Company F  A reenactment unit in Barbour County, West Virgina. Includes unit history and history about The Battle of Laurel Hill.
  • 14th Virginia Cavalry  The ragtag group of men from Old Dominion (Virginia) who brought any weapon including antiquated flintlock pistols and muskets that could fire from home became the 14th Virginia Cavalry. We are Re-enactors in Washington state with a compliment of Mounted and Dismounted Troops.
  • 17th Virginia Cavalry  A Confederate cavalry unit raised near Parkersburg (occupied)Virginia (WV) in 1863 to fight of the Yankee invasion of the South.
  • 43rd Virginia Cavalry, Co. A “Mosby’s Partisan Rangers” member of the American Civil War Association, located in Northern California. As a member company of the ACWA, it is dedicated to represent with honor and respect, the bravery of the American Civil War soldiers.  The 43d operated mainly behind enemy lines in and around Loudin, Fairfax & Farquier Counties of Northern Virginia.  If you are looking for Adventure, Excitement & Glory the 43d wants you.
  • 2nd US Cavalry, Company A  The 2nd US Cavalry, Co. A is one of the largest mounted Federal Regular reenacting units on the East Coast. Dedicated to the accurate portrayal of cavalry life during the American Civil War. NPS living histories, reenactments and tacticals are some of the activities in which the 2nd participates.
  • 4th US Cavalry Mounted regulars,dedicated to the hard riding traditions of the men and horses of the US Cavalry.
  • 7th US Cavalry  See 7th Kansas Cavalry, above.

INFANTRY Units’ Home Pages:

ARTILLERY Units’ Home Pages:

NAVAL Units’ Home Pages:


CIVIL WAR SUTLERS (Purveyors of Merchandise): These links are provided as a convenience, Battle of Carthage, Inc. does not endorse Sutlers and is not responsible for your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with any Sutler.

Snail Mail, E-mail, and Phone Numbers for some Sutlers used by some of our members:

  • Border States Leatherworks, (McClellan, Hope, Jenifer , side saddle, and artillery saddles, tack, leather accoutrements, etc.) Doug Kidd, 1158 Apple Blossom Lane, Springdale, AR  72762 (501) 361-2642, Website:   E-mail:
  • Snellen Saddlery, (McClellan, Hope, Santa Fe saddles, tack, accoutrements, guerrilla clothing) D. Snellen, Rt. 2, P.O. Box 193, California, MO   65018 (573) 796-2176
  • Carrico’s Leatherworks, (McClellan saddles, tack, leather accoutrements, grain bags, curry comb and oval brush, wallets, etc.) David Carrico, 811 5000 Road, Edna, KS   67342 (316) 922-7222
  • F. Burgess & Co., (McClellan saddles, tack, US and some CS leather accoutrements)   200 Pine Place, Red Bank, NJ  07701  (732) 576-1624 Website: F. Burgess & Co.
  • Phil Cavanaugh t/a The Haversack Depot, 1236 River Acres Drive, New Braunfels, TX   78131  Phone: (830) 620-5192   Said by some to be the best reproduction tarred haversack on the market.   The original Phil copied is on display at the US Army Quartermaster Museum at Ft. Lee, Virginia.  Excellent federal shelter tent half.  The only source for the regulation shelter half poles.
  • Bob Serio t/a Missouri Boot & Shoe Co., 951 Burr Crossing Road, Neosho, Missouri 64850 Phone: (417) 451-6100 – THE source for authentic boots and brogans.  Also excellent knapsacks, haversacks, cartridge boxes, cap pouches, bayonet scabbards, etc.
  • T.W. Allen Hat Manufactury, 1429 Becket Road, Eldersburg, MD  21784 (410) 549-5145 (7-9 pm EST) – THE source for authentic hats.  You don’t have to ask for fur felt, cotton lining, canvas sweatband, hand sewing, or period manufacturer’s label – it is all standard with a Tim Allen hat.
  • Coon River Mercantile, (full service suttlery) Gerald Durbin, 1152 Amos, Des Moines, IA   50315 (515)
  • James Country Mercantile, (full service suttlery, minor gunsmithing repairs and parts, reproduction weapons) Del and Jean Warren, 111 North Main, Liberty, MO  64068 (816) 781-9473,; Website:  James Country Mercantile
  • Fall Creek Suttlery (full service suttlery, reproduction weapons)  Andy Fulks, P.O. Box 92 Whitestown, IN   46075 (765); Website: Fall Creek Sutlery
  • Five Rivers Chapmanry – purveyors of hand-crafted cooperage, handsewn & embroidered garments, historical sewing patterns  Gary & Lorina Stephens, 82 Parkview Drive, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada L9W 3J2
    voice: (519) 942-2548  fax: (519) 941-7627 email:   Website: Five Rivers Chapmanry

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